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Beach Bar

The beach-bar, cares to serve refreshing drinks, coffees, soft drinks, ice creams etc. during the day to the people sitting under the umbrellas and in the sun loungers on the beach. In the evening, you can relax in the bar, listening carefully selected music, sipping your drink under the stars.

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Enjoy your drinks...


mojito 2 mojito The-best-mojito Margarita cocktail
 Mojito  Mojito  Mojito Margarita
cocktail1 MILKSHAKE BANANA mpura cocktail2
Cosmopolitan Milkshake Banana Beer Cuba Libre
cocktail4 cocktail5 cocktail3 cocktail6
Fruit pants Milkshake Strawberry Freddo (coffee) Pina Colada
cocktail8 cocktail9
 Sorbe Strawberry  Frappe (coffee)    


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